Software Development

4Software Development: SIGMA engineering software development department (ESD) is an integration of aerospace and software engineers. This department has started at 2010 and several professional engineering software packages have developed by this team. List of developed engineering software can be seen as follow:

1- FLAi : Fatigue Life Assessment software for estimation of fatigue life of metallic structures 2- PALS : Professional Aircraft Loading software for estimation of critical loadings of transport aircrafts under several flight conditions. 3- Comp-Heat : One-dimensional thermal analysis in composite laminates under several boundary condition (convection, conduction and radiation) 4- NACA Inlet Design 5- Engine – VPCS propeller coupling performance PALS is comprehensive graphical developed software by SIGMA loading team. The purpose of PALS software is to estimation of critical maneuvers and internal loads of transport aircrafts under several flight conditions and airplane configurations. Software Capability:
  • Different commercial airplane configurations coverage
  • Well-known standard coverage
  • Various flight maneuver coverage (Symmetric, Asymmetric, Landing and Gust)
  • Landing load estimation
  • Engine load estimation
  • Ground handling loads estimation (Taxi, Take-off, Braked-roll, Turning, Towing, Jacking ) For more information, contact us
  • FLAi is a comprehensive graphical developed software by cooperation of SIGMA fatigue life team with Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT). The purpose of FLAi software design is to calculate the component’s life of the structures under fatigue spectrum loading with focus on aircraft structures. Three independent environments are included in this software as below.

    Software environments:

    • Life estimation of crack-free components by semi-analytical method
    • Life estimation of cracked panels by semi-analytical method
    • Life estimation of thin panels by FE method

    Software capability

    Semi-Analytical Package:

    • Fatigue life based on S-N curve analysis
    • Fatigue life and fatigue crack growth investigation
    • Cycle counting for complex load spectrum
    • Covering over 600 types of materials
    • Geometry database for Stress intensity factor
    • Fatigue life estimation of repaired panel
    • Fatigue life estimation of stiffened panel

    FEM package

    • Crack-tip trajectory estimation
    • Automatic crack propagation
    • Multi-crack definition
    • Edge-crack definition
    • Macro Programming Editor

    Comp-Heat is a 2D Graphical software for thermal analysis of composite materials. Comp-Heat has been developed in order to find temperature gradient of sandwich panels for several thermal conditions (Convection, Conduction and Radiation)