Gasoline Ducted Fan Ducted fan

A simple design concept which takes advantages of a duct enclosing the propeller. Some advantages are:
• Thrust augmentation due to the duct resulting in lower fuel consumption
• Noise reduction to have less impact on the environment and allowing low sound operations
• More safety owing to shrouding the propeller which reduces the risks and injuries of open propellers
The piston engine powered SAINA distinguished it with the normal performance of 1.5 hours endurance and 3 kilograms payload weight capability. In direct proportion to the requirements, a more diverse combination of performance characteristics i.e. payload weight and endurance can be achieved. Required time between two missions is just as long as the time required for refueling. All the aforementioned specifications leaded to longer endurance, higher altitude, faster forward speed and higher payload capacity in comparison with electrically powered drones such as quad rotors, electrical ducted fans and electrical helicopters.